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It all started when she was 11 years old, a little girl growing up in the east coast bays of Auckland's (NZ) north shore.  Yvette Muir discovered she had a passion for making jewellery. Her mother Stella wore her creations and before she knew it, Yvette had a thriving little industry, selling her designs through the local pharmacy where her mum worked. It wasn't long before a local gift shop was also keen to stock the range. Yvette was elated!


Over the years, after moving to Perth, Western Australia with her family, Yvette had many various boring career incarnations, all the while making bits and bobs to wholesale on the side. One of her very first retail stockists in Perth was the Aurelio Costarella (now outfitter to the stars).

After becoming a gift and homewares retailer for many years, Yvette developed an addiction to Blythe Dolls. It was an inexplicable obsession for a girl who never liked dolls as a child, but for some reason, she was just besotted with this one! Many hours of ebay shopping, and many $'s later, Yvette decided to put her new dolly collection to work. Thus "Dolly did it" was born- a collection of greeting cards and prints with quirky photographs that she'd taken of her beloved dollies.


Eventually it was time for a sea-change, so she (along with Mr Dolly AKA Doug Hedley) sold up the house and the shop and moved to the Sunny Coast in Queensland. The chief objective- to be nearer her family, who had all relocated to this little slice of heaven, but secondly, it gave her the perfect opportunity to pursue the more creative lifestyle she had always yearned for.

So in 2009 she started up a stall at the world famous Eumundi Markets, following in the footsteps of her father Brian Muir and his gorgeous wife Lynda, who were clay-workers selling their creations there. Her initial range included the dolly prints, a range of jewellery made from miniature china tea-sets, and some ceramic jewellery made by the very clever Mr Dolly.


After a couple of markets, Yvette quickly realised that this quirky collection was not the stuff mortgage repayments were made of, so after racking her brain for new ideas, she remembered a quirky little hand-made gift her lovely friend Margaret Matthews had given her - a bracelet made from buttons! Thus Dolly did it button jewellery was born, and the rest dear friends- is history!

Yvette would like to extend big bundles of gratitude to her dear friend Marg, for giving her the best gift EVER, and bundles of gratitude also, to everyone who has supported Dolly did it and helped Yvette's dream come true.

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