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Caring for your button necklace:


Button chokers are fairly durable, but like most things, do not like to be bent out of shape.

Therefore they should be stored either flat or hanging, or coiled around in the direction of it's natural curve.

If bent out of shape, a weakness in the wire may occur, that may eventually cause it to break.​

If a magnet falls out of your magnetic clasp (one in a hundred occurance), please let Dolly know and she'll send you a replacement clasp.

If your necklace has broken due to no fault of your own, Dolly will be happy to re-string it for you.



Button rings and studs:

Did you find what you're looking for?


If you don't see what you're looking for on the site, please try checking out the pics on the Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages (click on the icons on the homepage) for more ideas of Dolly's designs and products.

Dolly is happy to make to order if you want a particular colour or size, or have any special requirements. Please note all special custom orders will incur a 25% surcharge, as it takes dolly alot longer to think about making what you want, than it does to make what she wants.

Simply email us or contact us through FB.




All dolly did it rings and studs are made using a strong industrial jewellery glue. However, due to the small size of the glue pad on these items, and the timber buttons often used, it is recommended that you don't wear them in water or sleep in them.

If your studs fall apart due to no fault of your own (not worn in water and not slept in), Dolly will be happy to replace them. Please note that studs are made of Surgical Steel.





All parcels are sent via Australia Post.

Postage will be charged according to dollar value:

$3 for up to $80 spent

$8 for $81-$100 spent

$10 for $101-$249 spent

$15 for $250 - ^

Assessing postage for such a wide range of products is unfortunately quite a task when building an online store. For this reason we have settled on a set price per dollar value. This formula is not always a success.

In the event of the postage seeming extreme for your purchase, please feel free to contact us and we'll see if there's any way to reduce it.





Payment in the online store is payable by credit card via Paypal.

If you would prefer to pay direct debit via your online banking, please email us for bank account details.

Please note full Eftpos facilities are available at the Eumundi Square Shoppette.

All dolly did it products are hand-made with the greatest of care. Likewise, with a little care from you, there's no reason you won't have a long lasting relationship with your new dolly did it piece.


Here's a few tips to help care for your purchase:

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